TORONTO -- Ontario's political leaders considered suspending question period Wednesday at the province's legislature in light of a shooting at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, but the premier said they "refuse to be silenced."

A soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa has been shot by an unknown gunman, who then moved to nearby Parliament Hill and opened fire inside the Centre Block.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been rushed away from the building to an undisclosed location.

The provincial legislature was put under enhanced security as a precaution. The director of the legislative security service said there was no known threat and building activities would continue as normal.

In house, Ontario's politicians held a moment of silence for the soldier, then carried on with question period.

"Our belief is that people who are using violence to undermine democracy want us to be silenced and we refuse to be silenced," Wynne said of her discussion with the opposition leaders.

"Having said that, we all have to be very careful, we have to be vigilant and the authorities are very aware of the situation... But we will carry on with the business of this house and the business of our democratic society."

Yasir Naqvi, the provincial minister of community safety and correctional services and an Ottawa MPP, said he's confident the appropriate security measures are in place to ensure safety at the legislature. He said Ontario's police services are well able to handle such situations.

"From my discussions with the (Ontario Provincial Police) I am confident that the response to any incident involving terrorist activity would be well co-ordinated between provincial, federal and municipal authorities," Naqvi said, before leaving the house to further monitor the developments in Ottawa.

"Our police, paramedics and firefighters train and prepare for dangerous situations of all scales. We also encourage all Ontarians to remain vigilant. If they see or suspect any suspicious activity please contact the local police service so that police can act accordingly."

New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath said she looked forward to carrying on with the business of the legislature. Both parties praised the premier's response.