TORONTO -- Premier Kathleen Wynne says she's prepared to testify before a legislative committee about the controversial cancellation of two gas plants.

She says it's important that the information about the cancellations -- which will cost taxpayers at least $230 million -- be released.

Wynne says she'll work with the opposition to review the gas plants at the committee so that all parties can have a productive legislative session.

She also noted that she asked the auditor general to add the cancelled gas plant in Oakville to his current probe of the Mississauga project, which was cancelled during the 2011 election campaign.

Wynne issued the statement after the Progressive Conservatives said they'd call her and her predecessor Dalton McGuinty before the committee once the legislature returns Feb. 19.

But as MPPs, Wynne and McGuinty aren't obligated to testify before the all-party committee, whose hearings were cancelled in October when McGuinty shut down the legislature.

McGuinty refused to testify before another committee that was looking into Ontario's troubled Ornge air ambulance service, which is under a criminal probe.

The Liberals have been under fire for months what the opposition are calling politically-motivated cancellations of the gas plants.