The province has announced a new driver's licence restriction that introduces zero alcohol tolerance for drivers under age 22.

Minister of Transportation Kathleen Wynne made the announcement Monday morning, and the new regulations will go into effect Aug. 1 though the changes were passed in 2009.

Currently, drivers with a G licence could typically have a drink if they score under the 0.08 blood alcohol level limit. Under new legislation, young drivers under 22 years of age will not be allowed any alcohol.

Anyone who breaks the new rules will have their licence suspended for 24 hours, face a possible 30-day suspension and a fine up to $500. They'll also have the option to install an ignition-interlock system, which requires a sober breath sample from the driver before a vehicle can turn on.

Juan Bravo, 20, says he thinks the new rule will be good in the long run because less people will be drinking and driving.

H admits, however, that not all young adults may agree. "They do want to a have a little fun," he says.