William Roache has had his share of life experiences in the last 52 years as a star of the hit show Coronation Street, but now the actor is dealing with some real-life drama of his own.

The actor has been in Canada this week as part of a cross-country tour talking about his life on the hit British soap, "Coronation Street" and his one-man show hitting Toronto's theatre district Saturday afternoon at the Winter Garden Theatre.

As part of his show, titled "An Audience with William Roache," he has promised to tell stories and "spill the secrets of The Street."

But instead of talking about his experiences, the actor is spending his time doing some damage control after news hit of his alleged salacious past.

Not long after Roache's interview with CP24, news broke in his native England surrounding comments he made in a television interview with British journalist Piers Morgan. Reports say the actor admits his first marriage was rife with infidelity, and that he'd slept with more than 100 women. When asked if that number was closer to 1,000 the actor reportedly replied, "I'm not denying it."

The comments are from the show "Piers Morgan's Life Stories," set to air April 13th in the UK.

A representative for Mr. Roache contacted CP24 Friday to say media is no longer invited to any one of the shows on the Canadian tour. Tour promoter Andrew Stuckless told CP24 that Mr. Roache was "exhausted" by the questions about his personal life and wanted to "concentrate on the tour."

During the interview with CP24, Roache was open and friendly about his experiences, including his meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen, who are admitted fans.

Roache spoke with CP24.com on the phone from Ottawa moments after a meeting with them and said the Canadian leader was friendly and easygoing.

"It appears he's doing a pretty good job," Roache said about Harper.

Roache became serious when talking about his time on the hit show and what it means to be a celebrity today.

"I don't like the word celebrity. I've been performing for years and I am a professional," he said. "There are a lot of people these days that are just famous for being famous. That word worries me a little."

Roache is the Guinness World Record holder for the longest acting gig. When he appeared in the premiere episode of Coronation Street in 1960, he played a college student. Today, he is 79 years old and plays a retired grandfather. More than five decades in one role has no doubt made Roache a household name.

"The show started before the Beatles. I enjoy it and retiring is something I never think about," he said. "I feel very lucky to be a part of a production for so long."

"An Audience with William Roache" will travel to Hamilton's Hamilton Place on March 18.