Hundreds of students hired by the City of Toronto for the summer are putting their names to a petition calling on Queen's Park to move on back-to-work legislation.

The petition has climbed to roughly 400 signatures on Saturday. It says that while the strike is an inconvenience for many, it's devastating for the students who need their summer-job money to get them through the year.

The petition represents all kinds of workers including city lifeguards, day camp counsellors and other seasonal workers. They say replacement jobs aren't easy to find.

The petition was launched by out-of-work lifeguard Brendan Ross of Etobicoke.

Meanwhile, garbage continues to pile up and tensions are on the rise across the city on the thirteenth day of the civic strike.

The existing temporary garbage sites are filling up -- some quicker than others.

Christie Pits will be closed to more trash as of 7 p.m. Sunday evening and the York Mills Arena site is already closed.

Two new sites are open today -- one at Wilket Creek /Sunnybrook Park near Eglinton Avenue and Leslie Street.

The other one is at Centennial Arena on Ellesmere Avenue, west of Markham Road. The site at Centennial Arena is next to tennis courts and local players are not happy to hear the garbage will soon be piling up.

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