A charity boxing event hosted by Toronto Police is in the spotlight for the wrong reasons this weekend after an unplanned fight broke out between several officers. 

A constable from 33 Division is recovering from serious head injuries after being allegedly beaten up by three of his fellow officers. The group had been drinking at the event, held at the Guvernment nightclub on Thursday night, before the fight broke out.

FiteNite "combines humour and camaraderie with sub-amateur boxing that has a 'professional wrestling" flavour," according to its website, which also sports a picture of a boxer punching a man who appears to be terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Fighters in the event include Toronto police officers and 911 employees. Over the years, FiteNite has raised $100,000, used to send underprivileged Regent Park students to university. 

Toronto Internal Affairs says it is investigating the incident.