March 20 marks the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, and, after a long, grey winter, Torontonians can soon look forward to warmer temperatures and sunnier days.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECC), Toronto expect milder temperatures and even a bit of sun coming up this week.

The sun is expected to make an appearance Monday as temperatures could go as high as six degrees.

The coldest day this week, Wednesday, is expected to have a high of five degrees. On Thursday, the high is forecast to be 11 degrees.

Come the weekend, Torontonians can once again expect the sun.

On Friday and Sunday, a high of six degrees has been forecast, and the weather is expected to be a mix of sun and clouds. On Saturday, temperatures will remain at about six degrees, but with a chance of showers or flurries.

Toronto Weather

Spring may have sprung, but Torontonians should still expect bouts of winter-like weather – or, as Environment Canada climatologist Dave Phillips called it, “maple syrup weather.”

It is often said that spring arrives reluctantly in Canada and this is going to test us,” Phillips told CP24. “This is going to be slow coming. Every day will get marginally warmer. But the cold still may come.”

Phillips said that Toronto should still get about 10 per cent of its annual snowfall yet, so “don’t put away your snow shovel.”

Ultimately, he said it’s a waiting game.

"Patience is the operative word.”


Phillips said that the winter was much warmer than normal in Toronto this year, with the city only seeing 11 days in which the temperature dipped to – 10 C or below compared to the 38 it sees in a more typical year.

But he said that March has brought much colder conditions and there is a risk that weather will linger for the remainder of the month.

"That is actually better for us. You don’t want to go from winter to summer because that creates all kinds of pollen and allergies and floods and muds," Phillips said.

"Let nature take its time.”

Spring will officially arrive at 5:24 p.m. on Monday.

With files from CP24's Chris Fox.