This summer could be a disappointing one for people who prefer to see hot and humid weather for days on end, Environment Canada Senior Climatologist Dave Phillips says.

Friday marks the first official day of summer and Phillips said the weather this spring has already given Torontonians a hint of what’s to come over the next few months.

“Last year, I heard people saying we had too much summer before we even got to summer last year. A lot of warmth, a lot of humidity, very dangerous kind of weather in the late spring of last year,” he said.

“If last year we had too much summer, this year we may not have enough to satisfy most people. I think it will be comfortable, saving money on our air conditioning bills. It will be healthy but it certainly won’t be those hot, muggy, sultry kind of days that warm up the water temperatures.”

He said the warmest day Toronto has seen so far this year was 26.6 C and by this time last year, there had already been 16 days that were warmer than that.

“We certainly have had no kind of a dress rehearsal as to the hot kind of a summer,” Phillips said. “My sense is we are going to have to be patient.”

Phillips noted that last summer we had 30 days over 30 C, a trend he says will likely not continue this year.

“We might be lucky to have 12 of those days this year,” he said.

“We should look ahead at the weather, pick those good days, and go for it. Don’t just assume that it is going to be lots of days above 30.”

The first weekend of the summer season is shaping up to be a pleasant one in the city.

Environment Canada is calling for sunshine and daytime highs in the mid-20s on both Saturday and Sunday.