Environment Canada has issued a heat warning for Toronto and the surrounding region ahead of an unseasonably warm fall weekend that will raise temperatures in excess of 30 C.

The weather agency is predicting sunny skies and highs of 31 C on Saturday and 33 C on Sunday but the temperatures may actually feel even warmer with humidex values closer to 40 expected.

The scorcher of a weekend will likely become the hottest one so far this year despite coming on the first official weekend of fall, surpassing the June 10 and 11th weekend when the mercury hit 30 C and 32 C.

In its heat warning, Environment Canada says that residents should do their best to reduce their heat risk by completing outdoor activities during the coolest part of the day and seeking shelter from the sun.

“Extreme heat affects everyone,” the warning states.

There were only three days when the temperature surpassed 30 C in July and one in August.

The last day when the temperature topped 30 C was more than a month ago on Aug. 21.

According to Environment Canada, the hot temperatures will persist into next week with highs of 30 C on Monday and 27 C on Tuesday.

The average daytime high for this time of year is 19.7 C.