It appears that GTA residents who have been dreaming of a white Christmas will get their wish this year.

“This one’s a done deal,” Environment Canada Senior Climatologist Dave Phillips told CP24 Tuesday. “Even with four or five days to go – hey, this is in the bag. We can count on the fact that this one will be a white Christmas.

“We may lose it all come Boxing Day, but on that Christmas morning, we’re going to have the white stuff.”

Phillips said that with around 19 centimetres of snow on the ground already and temperatures expected to hover around the freezing mark for the next few days, it’s unlikely we’ll lose the snow that’s already here.

He said the GTA is also set to see a couple more centimetres today, which will give things “a fresh look.”

“When kids open the sleighs and the saucers and snowboards at Christmas, they’re going to be able to go out there and enjoy it,” Phillips said.

That wasn’t the case last year when Toronto saw its warmest December on record, with no snow until Dec. 29.

While Toronto will see snow on the ground this Dec. 25, travelers will be relieved to know that weather is not expected to be a problem for anyone who needs to get around over the next week or so.

“The other thing is that travel is going to be okay,” Phillips said. “Getting around from point a to point b looks pretty good from now until Boxing day and certainly that will be good news for a lot of people.”

Environment Canada is predicting a high of 2 C and a low of -3 C with a chance of flurries for December 24. The agency is predicting that Christmas Day will be sunny, with a high of 3 C, dropping down to a low of -2 C overnight with a 60 per cent chance of flurries.

Boxing Day could see some messy weather, with a 60 per cent chance of rain and a high of 8 C, dropping down to 0 C Monday night.