Travellers in Toronto looking to cross into the U.S. by bus this spring are in luck. announced Thursday the company will resume its operations between the Canada-U.S. border due to what it called growing demand for the service.

“This will allow Canadians to conveniently travel between Toronto and a dozen U.S. cities,” a spokesperson said in an email.

Those stops include New York, NY, Albany, NY, Baltimore, MD, Buffalo, NY, Harrisburg, PA, Philadelphia, PA, and Washington DC.

Coach USA, which owns and operates services at and Coach Canada, said it is also revving up the number of trips between Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, and Montreal for summer travel.

The move will see a 70 per cent increase in service between Toronto, Kingston, and Ottawa, a 32 per cent increase between Toronto and Montreal, and a 29 per cent increase between Toronto and Niagara.

Those interested can book a ticket now for travel as early as May 11.

As far as COVID-19 restrictions go, you won’t need to provide a negative test result on either side of the border as long as you are fully vaccinated.