MONTREAL - Is it sexy or sexist?

That's the question in Montreal where Pamela Anderson has been denied a permit to launch a spicy new ad campaign promoting vegetarianism.

The campaign, sponsored by the animal rights group PETA, shows the curvaceous former Baywatch star in a bikini with her body marked up like a butcher's diagram.

Her body is stencilled with labels like "breast," "round," and "rump."

The caption reads: "All animals have the same parts. Have a heart -- Go vegetarian."

Anderson, who's in Montreal to perform at the Just for Laughs festival, had hoped to launch the campaign today in front of city hall.

But a city official has told PETA that Montreal can't endorse an advertisement it considers "sexist" -- so no permit.

PETA's Dave Mathews says the city is confusing "sexy with sexist," while Anderson calls the move surprisingly puritanical for a city whose strip clubs are known globally.

PETA says it's now considering whether to reschedule its big public unveil.