Several key appointments were made on Toronto City Council on Wednesday, filling spots on the TTC Commission, Police Services Board and several council committees.

Pam McConnell and Adam Vaughan are no longer on the police services board, having been replaced by councillors Michael Thompson, Frances Nunziata and Chin Lee. All three are seen as being more closely allied with the new mayor.

The same goes for the budget committee. It's now led by Coun. Mike Del Grande and also includes Mayor Ford's brother Doug, a rookie on the new council.

Some of the appointees are listed below.

Deputy Mayor:

Doug Holyday

TTC Commission:

Councillor Karen Stintz – Chair

Councillor Peter Milczyn – Vice-Chair

Councillor Maria Augimeri

Councillor Vincent Crisanti

Councillor Frank Di Giorgio

Councillor Norm Kelly

Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong

Councillor Cesar Palacio

Councillor John Parker

Police Services Board:

Chin Lee

Frances Nunziata

Michael Thompson

Budget Committee:

Michelle Berardinetti

Frank Di Giorgio

Doug Ford

Chin Lee

Peter Milczyn

John Parker

Mike Del Grande

For a complete list of members appointed to the City's committees and the City's agencies, boards and commissions visit