Leaders from across Canada and the province have weighed in on the tragic mass shooting that occurred along The Danforth on Sunday night. Here’s what they had to say:

Doug Ford:

Jagmeet Singh:

John Tory statement:

"Tonight, a despicable act has been perpetrated on the Danforth in our city.

On behalf of all Toronto residents, I am outraged that someone has unleashed such a terrible attack on our city and people innocently enjoying a Sunday evening.

I have talked to Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders tonight at the scene and I have been assured police are investigating exactly what happened and why. I would ask people not to draw any conclusions until we have more information from the police. I have total confidence in the ability of our police to determine what happened here.

I am thankful to all first responders who came as quickly as possible to help people in the wake of this horrific incident.

I have spoken to Premier Doug Ford who has conveyed his condolences on behalf of the province and offered any assistance required.

While our city will always be resilient in the face of such attacks, it does not mean such a cowardly act committed against our residents is any less painful – this is an attack against innocent families and our entire city.

This is a tragedy and on behalf of all Toronto residents, we are extending our prayers to all the innocent people attacked tonight, their families and their friends."

Councillors Mary Fragedakis and Paula Fletcher, who represent the area on Toronto City Council, both rushed to the scene and said they were saddened and shocked by what they saw.

Coun. Mary Fragedakis:“This is a street where people go every day to buy their groceries to have dinner, to have an ice cream, sit in the square and enjoy their summer. It’s devastating, I’m devastated.”

“We do have a gun problem. Why do people have guns, why do they need them? This is the city and in Canadian cities, you don’t need guns.”

Paula Fletcher: “It’s just unbelievable – You just have to wonder why so many guns in the city. I know it’s not gangs tonight, but it is guns tonight.”

“It’s just a night that nobody will ever forget here on the Danforth.”