TORONTO - A technology company says it will temporarily take its food delivery robots off Toronto's streets as the city considers whether to ban such devices from sidewalks.

Tiny Mile, the company behind a series of pink, heart-eyed robots named Geoffrey, says it is making the temporary move because it wants to collaborate with authorities and the accessibility community.

Toronto's city council will vote next week on whether to ban devices that run on anything but muscle power from bike lanes, sidewalks and pedestrian ways.

The ban was put forward by the Toronto Accessibility Advisory Committee, which felt the robots are a hazards for people with low mobility or vision, as well as seniors and children.

The ban cleared its first hurdle last week, when it was approved by the city's Infrastructure and Environment Committee, but Tiny Mile vowed to fight the move and circulated a petition on its social media pages.

The company now says on Instagram that it will seek feedback from the public and people with disabilities while it pauses public use of its robots.

(The Canadian Press)