New dash-cam video has surfaced showing a small plane narrowly missing a moving vehicle before crashing into a fence north of Buttonville Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

The footage was captured by a vehicle that was headed west on 16th Avenue near Highway 404 just before 2 p.m.

It shows the plane careening through the path of the incoming vehicle with one of its wings either clipping the ground or coming perilously close to doing so.

After the plane just missed colliding with the vehicle, it slammed through a fence before coming to a stop in a ditch on the other side of the roadway.

Police have said that there was a male instructor and a female student in the plane at the time but both escaped injury.

“The fact that that aircraft wasn’t involved in a collision with a vehicle coming through here is quite amazing,” Sgt. Dave Mitchell told CTV News Toronto on Tuesday.

The Transportation Safety Board has said that the privately-owned plane was doing a training maneuver called “a touch-and-go” when it went down.

The cause of the collision remains under investigation.

“It’s an easy way to do a bunch of takeoffs and landings if you are doing some training but in this case something went wrong,” TSB investigator Ewan Tasker told CTV News Toronto on Tuesday.