Two men involved in a violent physical altercation with TTC transit enforcement officers caught on video say the incident has had a lasting impact.

Speaking with CP24 Thursday, Russell Gillman and his son Jamie Gillman said that while the incident happened months ago, they are still feeling its effects.

“It’s been a difficult couple of months,” Russell Gilman said.

“I would say that it’s something that I certainly think about every day.”

“Emotionally I’m pretty drained – very stressed out… really just not feeling very well overall,” Jason Gillman said.

The incident, which occurred at Union Station following a Toronto Maple Leafs game on Jan. 29, led to charges being filed against both men.

It was captured in a six-minute video recently posted online.

The video shows one of the enforcement officers attempting to apprehend a man. The camera then pans away for a moment and when it returns another man is shown punching the enforcement officer several times. At that point, a second transit enforcement officer runs into the shot and is seen punching the man in the face repeatedly.

“I was pulled aside, I was not told why I was pulled aside, I was then physically manhandled, roughed up, thrown around, without anybody identifying why that was happening or who they were,” Russell Gillman described of what transpired.

“I, to be honest, didn’t remember that I had a second round of punches thrown at me that (was) quite violent as well,” Jason Gillman said.

Police are then seen in the video arriving and arresting both civilians.

Jason Gillman said he continues to deal with physical injuries sustained in the altercation.

“I’ve had headaches on and off for a couple weeks after,” he said, adding that he has also had pain in his arm, shoulder and hand.

Jamie Gillman, 33, is charged with two counts of assault and one count of uttering death threats in connection with the incident. Russell Gillman, 63, has been charged with one count of assault and one count of uttering death threats.

Both are due in court on April 15.

Jamie Gillman would not comment on whether he assaulted anyone or uttered any threats.

“I’m letting the lawyers deal with that when the video comes out.”

On Wednesday, the TTC placed both officers involved in the incident on administrative duty pending the outcome of a police investigation. The investigation will be led by Toronto police’s professional standards unit.

“I think we need to let the investigation take its course and we need to understand the context but certainly I am very concerned whenever I hear of or see TTC staff involved in a fight,” TTC CEO Andy Byford told reporters Wednesday afternoon.

“I can’t know everything about everything that happens every day but when I saw the video I was immediately struck and knew we had to have scrutiny and further action.”

To date, neither TTC employee has been charged with any offence.