Guards at the Toronto jail where Const. James Forcillo was released on bail this afternoon had the option of using special release practices reserved for inmates for whom there are safety concerns, a spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of Correctional Services and Community Safety said Friday.

Ministry spokesperson Brent Ross says Forcillo was released on bail from Toronto South Detention Centre sometime this afternoon after spending one night in jail, but was not seen by many reporters gathered near the exit typically used by freed inmates.

Ross says Ontario jails have alternate procedures that are reserved for inmates where there is a concern for their safety upon release.

Two Toronto Police officers from 22 Division were present in the jail’s parking lot on Friday afternoon as reporters and camera operators waited to catch of glimpse of Forcillo.

The constable was sentenced to six years confinement on Thursday for attempted murder in the shooting death of 18-year-old Sammy Yatim on a TTC streetcar back in July, 2013.

His lawyers are appealing the conviction. The judge in the case said Forcillo is not a flight risk.

A source told CP24 that Forcillo is now under a bail condition of house arrest. His wife and parents-in-law are his sureties. One of them must be with him at all times when he leaves his home and he can only leave once per week.

Bail was set at slightly more than $500,000.