The air of mystery floating around the TTC’s “French toast guy” has lifted.

Last week, TikTok videos of a man eating syrupy french toast on a table set with a white cloth table on a TTC subway car went viral. While the man’s identity still remains unknown, Wendy’s Canada confirmed to CTV News Toronto they had a hand (or fork) behind "french toast guy" and his high-profile breakfast.

“French Toast Guy was a fun way to share the news of Wendy’s Homestyle French Toast Sticks launch,” the fast-food chain said in an email.

Wendy’s announced earlier this month that Canadians can bring home their homestyle French toast sticks starting Jan. 9, a few days before “French toast guy” hit TikTok.

In the news release, the fast food company said it’s the “perfect breakfast on-the-go,” which could be why the “French toast guy” was seen eating his breakfast on the subway.

“We can all take a little inspiration from French Toast Guy to slow down and enjoy the sweeter moments of our morning routines,” the company said, adding that most Canadians “aren’t ready to roll out a full restaurant set-up during their morning commute.”

The TTC acknowledged Wendy’s unique marketing strategy on Twitter, saying the stunt really “takes the pancake.”

“The #TTC was not involved or aware of it beforehand. Wendy’s is clearly a cereal offender when it comes to breakfast-themed stunts,” the tweet reads.

On Monday, "french toast guy" was spotted again aboard the TTC heading towards King station. This time, however, he was eating Wendy’s French toast sticks out of a branded to-go container.