Most Torontonians are used to seeing raccoons but the one that was spotted in a Leaside backyard recently might cause even the most hardened city dwellers to do a double take.

A homeowner in the city’s Midtown neighbourhood sent CP24 footage of what appears to be an albino raccoon roaming his backyard.

The homeowner said that he believes the rare raccoon may be living underneath his gazebo.

It is believed that only one out of every 10,000 racoons have albinism, making the chance of seeing one exceeding rare, even in a city with as big of a raccoon population as Toronto.

Toronto Wildlife Centre Executive Director Nathalie Karvonen tells CP24 that she has seen albino raccoon in the city “from time to time over the years” but not frequently.

She said that “unfortunately many are blind and / or have other health issues and don’t usually make it to adulthood.”