Gas prices in Ontario are projected to jump by 10 cents later this week, industry analyst Dan McTeague tells CP24.

The average price of a litre of fuel in the Greater Toronto Area currently sits at 152.9 cents per litre and will increase to 162.9 cents per litre just after midnight Wednesday, said McTeague.

The increase is one of the three highest single day jumps the province has seen in the last decade, he added.

This comes after gas prices on the west coast reached an all-time high last week.

On Friday, Metro Vancouver set a new North American all-time record at 241.9 cents per litre at some stations.

Prices have risen in other provinces as well, with Manitoba seeing steady increases for over month, reaching $1.86 per litre as of Monday.

Though drivers in the GTA likely won’t be happy about Wednesday’s increase, Ontario is the province with the lowest gas prices in the country, according to