A handful of labour protesters were given trespassing tickets after occupying Premier Doug Ford's constituency office for hours Wednesday.

Protesters showed up at Ford's Albion Road office in Etobicoke this afternoon, demanding that the premier sign legislation that would hold companies financially responsible for temporary workers who are injured or killed on the job.   

According to the protesters, the regulations were drafted in 2018, but have yet to be signed by the premier.

"We're going to stand up for workers every single day because no worker should have a fear of not making it home and no family should be in fear of their loved ones not coming home," one protester told the crowd.

While a few dozen protesters gathered outside the office, 10 of them occupied the office itself. As the night went on, police went inside to speak with protesters.

Some eventually were given tickets and left through a back door.

"This premier has shown by his shocking behavior, of not signing the basic protection that the legislation has passed – all he needs to do is sign it and put it into action. The fact that he has failed to do that, that he has been sitting on this for 18 months – shame on him," another protester said.

In a statement issued by the premier's press secretary, the premier's office said he has a good relationship with advocacy groups and said the protest was unjustified.

“Individuals have the right to exercise their constitutional freedom to demonstration but that right does not allow for the interference with the rights of other citizens," the statement read. "Our government prides itself on the positive and open working relationship we have developed with all organizations, advocacy groups and citizens alike.

"We will always engage in a respectful dialogue regarding contrasting policy views, however the actions demonstrated today are never justified.”