Scores of Raptors fans are gathered in Jurassic Park for what could be the team’s first ever championship.

The line outside Scotiabank Arena began forming on Saturday and continued to grow as Game 5 drew closer.

As of early Monday morning, the lineup filled the entire barricaded area set up outside the gates to Jurassic Park and wrapped around the arena.

One fan who was huddled underneath a tarp amid a steady rainfall told CP24 that he has been in line since Sunday evening and isn’t sweating the conditions.

The rain is expected to continue throughout the day with a total accumulation of 10 to 15 milimetres in the forecast. There is also the risk of a thunderstorm later this afternoon, though conditions should improve by tip off at 9 p.m. .

“It’s a good thing. We have an opportunity to show the world that we can stand out rain or shine,” the fan said of the conditions.

“Of course it is worth it because we are going to win that chip baby,” another fan who travelled from Montreal told CP24.

Crowds have gotten larger as playoffs have went on

The crowds at Jurassic Park have gotten increasingly larger throughout the Raptors playoff run and are now routinely filling overflow areas that have been set up all along Bremner Boulevard.

For that reason, fans have been lining up earlier and earlier to get a primo spot.

On Monday morning, former Raptor fan favourite Jerome “Junkyard Dog” Williams, was among the masses.

He told CP24 that Game 5 serves as opportunity for Raptors fans to show the world “how much they love the game of basketball.”

“I feel excited. I feel like the whole country knows that right now this is their moment, this is their world stage where they can express how much they love the game of basketball, how much the Raptors mean to this country and this city and you know what tonight is their night. They can make history tonight,” she said.

Ujiri takes photos with fans in lineup

Williams wasn’t the only one connected to the Raptors to visit fans in the lineup.

At one point shortly after midnight, Raptors President Masai Ujiri was seen taking pictures with fans in the lineup.

Asked why he decided to hold the impromptu meet and greet in a video posted to Twitter, Ujiri said succinctly “because they are the best fans in the world.”

“It was pretty breathtaking to have somebody so importantly come out and say hi to his number one fans,” a woman from Cambridge, who met the Raptors boss, told CP24 on Monday morning. “He was really nice. He got some pictures with some of the fans and autographed somebody’s shirt.”