Toronto city councillor Michael Ford, the nephew of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, is running as a candidate for his uncle's Ontario PC party.

The Progressive Conservatives made the announcement in a news release Sunday afternoon, saying that Michael Ford will be running as a 2022 MPP candidate for York South-Weston.

“The people of York South-Weston deserve a representative at Queen’s Park who doesn’t just talk and delay, but will get things built and create good-paying jobs for our community,” he said in a statement.

“I know that only Doug Ford and the Ontario PC team will get the job done. That is why I am honoured to be your PC candidate for York South-Weston, and look forward to earning your support and building our great community.”

Michael Ford has served as a local representative for the ward of Etobicoke North since 2016, having previously served as a Toronto District School trustee.

He has served on the Toronto Police Services Board, the Economic and Community Development Committee, Audit Committee and the Canadian National Exhibition Association Board.

The party has said that Michael Ford will be donating his Toronto City Council salary to local community-based organizations while he campaigns.

In a statement, PC Leader Doug Ford said that his nephew is “one of the hardest working people” he knows.

“He gets things done and fights for the people he represents every step of the way,” Doug Ford said.

“He’s proven himself as a strong advocate for his constituents over the last two terms serving on city council and will continue doing so at Queen’s Park.”

The news release issued by the Ontario PC’s makes no mention of Michael Ford’s familial relationship with the party leader.