The TTC has had to reduce service on many of its bus routes amid a spike in employee absences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TTC says that it is missing about 20 per cent of its workforce due to employees either calling in sick or self-isolating because of recent travel history or possible exposure to the virus.

The rate of absenteeism is more than three times higher than what the TTC typically experiences (6 per cent) and as a result it has had to curtail service on some routes.

Spokesperson Stuart Green says that the TTC is adjusting service based on “where demand is,” so the service impacts vary from route to route and day to day.

The service reduction comes as the TTC experiences a decline in ridership of roughly 70 per cent.

“We're doing our best to provide as much service as our resources allow. Many routes are not able to strictly adhere to schedules. Service is allocated with priority to the busiest routes and to ensure all areas of the city have reasonable access to public transit,” the TTC said in a message posted to Twitter on Sunday.