Surveillance camera footage shows the moment a deer ran straight into a downtown Oshawa bar.

The video, obtained by CP24 on Sunday, shows the animal run across King Street before smashing into the front window of Atria Bar and Grill at around 11 a.m.

Police responded to the location after receiving a phone call from employees of the bar.

“They indicated that they just observed a deer run through their front window and was now running around the bar,” Sgt. Micah Wagenberg told CP24 at around 4 p.m.

“At this point we know that it is a male. He is approximately 75 pounds and it is believed he was born last spring.”

The deer sustained minor injuries in the incident and is believed to be fine.

Animal control officers waited for a veterinarian to tranquilize the deer before he could be removed from the establishment. The deer will be released away from the city after he is treated.

“It was decided that we should tranquilize him just to have a better assessment of how he is doing. He had several significant lacerations,” Dr. Sherri Cox with the National Wildlife Centre said.

Two other deer were spotted in downtown Oshawa over the weekend but they appear to have made their way home on their own.

“We’ve been given reports all day that a family of three deer were walking around Oshawa earlier and then at some point they got spooked and one went this way and through this window and then of course the others are on the other side of town,” Wagenberg said.

Wagenberg said physical damage to the bar is “surprisingly not bad.”

Local NDP MPP Jennifer French said in a Facebook post that her community office was also damaged by a deer on Sunday.