York Regional Police said they will now publish the name of every person charged with impaired driving-related offences in an effort to “curb a distressing trend.”

This weekend alone, police in York Region said 16 drivers were charged and 27 criminal charges were laid in connection with impaired driving incidents.

So far this year, 1,400 charges have been laid for impaired driving-related offences in the region and five people have died in collisions where impaired driving was a contributing factor.

“It is an ongoing problem. It just doesn’t seem to be going away,” Const. Andy Pattenden told CP24 at police headquarters on Monday night.

“Our chief… is fed up. We’ve had enough. We’re all frustrated here at York Regional Police that despite all of our efforts to educate, to enforce, to warn people of the dangers of impaired driving, the tragedy on York Region roads, people are still making the choice to use alcohol or drugs and get behind the wheel of a vehicle.”

In a news release issued Monday, York Regional Police said the new naming policy is now officially in effect. All of those charged over the weekend have already been identified.

Names are expected to be released on the police service’s website every Monday.

The goal of the move, according to police, is to “further make it socially unacceptable” to drink and drive.

Pattenden noted that some other Ontario municipalities have already enacted similar policies.

“We are hopeful that it is going to make people have a second thought,” Pattenden said. “Maybe it is going to act as a deterrent.”