Well ever since "The Rabbit" was featured on Sex & The City - sex toys have come out of the closet. Here are some of my top recommendations:

1) I Rub My Duckie

Well, there's a reason why Bert and Ernie made a whole song about the pleasures of bathtime and it just might have been because of this little duckie.

I Rub My Duckie is a totally discreet, totally waterproof vibe (that floats!). It's perfect for the gal (or guy) who finds it hard to have any alone time except when in the bathroom.

2) Ohmibod

Remember the romantic and seductive power of the mix tape and the feelings that the perfect combination of songs would produce? Well that just might be the inspiration behind OhMiBods line of wireless vibe "FreeStyle" that hooks up to your Ipod or Iphone and vibrates along to your music up to 25 feet away. The FreeStyle is rechargeable, has a cute little sleeve you can purchase to dress it up and has seven modes of vibration for those times when you want the vibe without the music.

3) NobEssence Intrigue

Not only is this wooden beauty a sculptural object d'art -- it's perfect for those of us who like to play with toys, but find vibrators a little too strong.

It's perfect for G-spot or prostate stimulation and it's non-porous and waterproof. And if you're an eco-friendly person, you'll be glad to know it comes from sustainable hardwood.

4) Je Joue - Sasi

This has to be the hottest toy design for women I have seen in ages. Unlike other toys, this not only can vibrate, it also has a small ball that moves under a silicone skin which you can rotate in different directions. It also has "smart" technology so it remembers which patters you like best.

5) Blue Lightning Sleeve

Of course all of the above toys can be used by any gender but if you're looking for something specifically for those with a penis - this sleeve is a great toy that can fit guys of any size and has lots of fun textures on the inside -- great for play when you're alone or with a partner.

6) Sqweel

Sure - the "Sqweel" may not look that sexy (unless of course you have a thing for mini desktop fans) but don't underestimate the brilliance of this little toy. This fantastic new oral sex stimulator has yet to come to Canada but I'm sure it won't be long before does.

All of these (except for the Sqweel) can be purchased at www.comeasyouare.com.