Toronto police have released surveillance camera footage showing two men coolly walking up to the parked car of 33-year-old Leonard Pinnock and shooting him numerous times at point-blank range in midtown last month.

Det. Sgt. Joyce Schertzer said Pinnock, who was not known to police, was in the area of Dufferin St. and Bowie Avenue at 9:30 p.m. on April 21, after giving a friend a ride to the area in his car.

He was parked in a small commercial plaza that night when two male suspects, both clad in hooded sweatshirts, walked across the parking lot, accelerating to a run before they both stopped in front of the driver’s side of Pinnock’s car and fired at least five shots combined.

Both suspects then sprinted away from the scene. One of the two suspects wore a small dark messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

Schertzer said the pair approached Pinnock’s car in a “choreographed manner” and that the assault was “seemingly unprovoked.”

Police released a 19 second video clip of the encounter online on Thursday.

As Pinnock did not live in the area and was not known to law enforcement, Schertzer said they still do not know why he was slain.

“There’s nothing in Mr. Pinnock’s background that provides a motive.”

She said he was wearing red articles of clothing at the time of his death, but would not elaborate when asked if that colour drew attention to him due to gang activities in the neighbourhood.

“We’re not opposed to looking at possibilities — I say that he was dressed all in red because he was so visible, and the (car) windows were not tinted and perhaps somebody walked by and maybe it would trigger a thought or a memory in someone who had prior contact with him.”

Schertzer said her appeal on Thursday was meant to target those close to both suspects, in hopes they could be identified.

“The people I am trying to reach are the inner circle of these two individuals – their immediate friends and family.”

Anyone with information that could identify the suspects is asked to call police at 416-808-7400.