It appears southern Ontario may not be in for a repeat of last year’s sizzling hot summer.

Environment Canada Senior Climatologist Dave Phillips told CP24 Thursday that Toronto and the rest of southern Ontario will likely see a cooler summer than last year.

“(Last year) we had, my gosh, 38 beer drinking days last year above 30, twice as much, three times as much as we would normally get. So my sense is this summer will be comfortable. We won’t be spending a lot of money on our air conditioning bills,” Phillips said.

The warm weather, he added, has certainly been slow to come this year, a trend which may continue through June.

“We’ve had a couple of days close to 30 or above so we’ve been teased but we just can’t turn the faucet off. It’s just rain, rain and more rain,” he said.

“In southern Ontario, we think summer will start a little colder. So June may be cool, but… that’s good. You don’t want use all up your good weather in June when school is still in and vacation hasn’t started.”

While the wet spring does not necessarily mean this summer will be a wash-out, it may cause an influx in some unwanted insects.

“We may see a few mosquitoes because all of this wet weather has created great breeding grounds for mosquitos,” he added.

While the next few days appear to be sunny and seasonal, more rain is in the forecast next week.

Environment Canada says Toronto could see showers on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week.