PARK CITY, Utah - Stephenie Meyer knows all about obsessive fans. So it makes sense that the "Twilight" author should produce a movie about a woman who takes another writer's work a little too much to heart.

Meyer is a producer on the Sundance Film Festival premiere "Austenland," adapted from her friend Shannon Hale's novel that follows the romantic misadventures of a Jane Austen devotee.

"Austenland" stars Keri Russell as a woman named Jane who is so fanatical about the "Pride and Prejudice" author's fiction that she blows her life savings to visit an Austen-themed British resort.

Meyer has seen such zeal firsthand in her own readers and says that like Jane in "Austenland," "Twilight" disciples can take fandom too far.

She says she has seen "Twilight" tattoos "that scare me to death."