I didn't go for my weigh in this week.

I'm supposed to go every two weeks but this week, when it was time to step on the scale, I decided to stay in bed.

Think what you want of the mayor and his brother, but Rob and Doug Ford have guts to go up there each week in front of the cameras. I just gotta do it at the gym privately, in front of my trainer and I chickened out.

Last time I weighed in, I discovered that I had only lost 1 pound in the last 20 days. I was so upset and discouraged that I couldn't bring myself to work out for the rest of my training session. Instead I just walked on the treadmill and grumbled a lot. I couldn't even blog about it!

What's worse is that since then there's been Valentine's Day pizza. And then the pizza leftovers. And then Saturday's homemade cookies. And Sunday's ice cream sundae my boyfriend made me stop for. And the birthday cake someone in the office decided to bring in. And Oreo celebrating their 100th birthday with Oreo brownies and Oreo cookie cream pies at McDonalds. And Jack Astor's sending a big plate of spring rolls and chicken fingers to the newsroom.

How the heck am I supposed to get fit when I'm faced with all those obstacles?!

Michelle, my trainer and now apparently, my new guru, said a wise thing the other day.

"You can't outrain a poor diet."

That stuck with me more than her other favourite saying "You just have to decide to do it" because as far as I can tell, my sweet tooth makes its own decisions.

Motivation comes in waves. At the start, I was great at avoiding all things chocolate. But then, after about two months, I started looking in the mirror and noticing little changes. My tummy was a little flatter, my arms a little less jiggly and I could finally do a full push up without having my legs bended at the knee. You'd think it would motivate me to keep going!

In fact, it had just the opposite effect. I found myself excusing every excuse I found to sneak a bite of sugar. The good news is I've added a hot yoga class to my schedule each week and I'm hoping to hell the 70 minutes of sweat will help cancel out the crap I've managed to sneak in every day.

I need a new way to motivate myself.

At the suggestion of a CP24 reader, I've enlisted the help of a cool app called MyFitnessPal. For those of you without smartphones, they also have a super easy to use website.

I've tried other apps like it but this one is great because once I put in my weight goals, it gave me a calorie count, telling me just how much I need to consume my goals.

The app is also smart, it's calorie count is based on the client losing one to two pounds a week which is what is considered a healthy and safe weight loss.

The first day, when I didn't eat enough calories to meet my goal, the app gave me a long message about putting my body in starvation mode and how it's actually harder to lose weight that way.

It's also given me a different perspective on my food intake. I can now see how many grams of sugar, fat, carbohydrates, etc. I consume during the day.

Another cool thing on the app is that you can scan the barcode of your food and if it recognizes it, it will instantly input the nutritional information.

Interesting, effective and responsible - I like it. Of course, you actually have to be motivated enough to put in the info after each meal for it to work. I think I might soon fall off that wagon as well.

Look, I know I can't be expected to never taste chocolate again and I don't think anyone is expecting that from me.

I can't be expected to not take part in date nights or spontaneous drive-thrus because that's the kind of stuff that makes life fun.

What I can do is make the most responsible choices that I can, not day to day but moment to moment with each meal and each opportunity. Every opportunity is a chance to step up my game and it's never, ever too late to do a good job.

This morning, I had a small piece of someone else's birthday cake. This afternoon I had a large salad with no dressing.

Moment to moment.

And it's not just about food too. Next week, I've got a date with a friend but instead of our favourite restaurant, she's joining me at yoga. This Sunday, I'm having a dinner party. But I've already told my guests they should come prepared to play Dance Central – a super fun interactive game played on Xbox Kinnect.

And most importantly, I still go to the gym to see Michelle three times a week. I'm not giving up, even though I apparently find it easy enough to give in.

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