TORONTO -- The voice of Montreal chanteuse Celine Dion will help wrap up the Toronto International Film Festival tonight.

Dion has recorded a new tune for the closing-night film "A Song for Marion," starring Vanessa Redgrave and Terence Stamp.

Directed by Paul Andrew Williams, the film is about an unusual seniors' choir that becomes a lifeline for the dying titular character, much to the consternation of her grouchy husband.

Dion's "Unfinished Songs" reteams the Montreal chanteuse with famed songwriter Diane Warren and will be included on her upcoming album "Water and a Flame," due out in November.

Film soundtracks have been kind to Dion, of course, who had one of her biggest hits with the "Titanic" anthem "My Heart Will Go On."

The singer says she's proud to be involved with "A Song For Marion," which also stars former Bond girl Gemma Arterton, and that it made her laugh and cry. The Toronto International Film Festival wraps Sunday, when the awards brunch will be held.