Joni Mitchell's music is back on Spotify more than two years after the songwriter pulled it off the platform in protest of other content available on the popular streaming service.

Mitchell herself did not release an official statement announcing the return to Spotify, but a search for her content on the app reveals her complete discography is available to play again.

Mitchell pulled her music from Spotify in January 2022 in solidarity with fellow Canadian music icon Neil Young, who removed his catalog to protest the company's decision to give controversial podcast host Joe Rogan an exclusive platform.

Young had given Spotify an ultimatum over concerns Rogan was spreading COVID-19 vaccine misinformation on his show.

But Young announced earlier this month he was coming back to Spotify, saying on his website that the same “disinformation podcast” is now featured on various streaming platforms and he can't leave them all.

Joe Rogan signed a new deal with Spotify in February, which the Wall Street Journal estimated was worth as much as US$250 million over several years.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 23, 2024.

- With files from The Associated Press