The departure of a senior Ford administration staffer from the PC Caucus Service Bureau on Thursday was directly connected to the resignation of the premier’s director of issues management a week prior, CTV News Toronto has learned.

A government spokesperson said Thursday that John Sinclair, Executive Director of the PC Caucus Service Bureau, was no longer in his role.

The spokesperson would not say whether Sinclair resigned or was fired.

Sinclair was responsible MPPs budgets, drafting bills and Human Resources. 

Sources tell CTV News Toronto that Sinclair appeared to be aware of other allegations of misconduct against Andrew Kimber, but had not disclosed those allegations to anyone before.

Kimber served as Premier Doug Ford’s executive director of issues management. He was accused of sending sexually inappropriate text messages to PC staffers.

He resigned his post last Friday.

Kimber issued a statement Thursday apologizing for the “pain” he caused others, and said “everyone has the right to live and work free from harassment.”

Sinclair’s exit is the third departure from the PC’s elected caucus and political staff in six days.

It follows Kimber’s resignation as well as Economic Development Minister Jim Wilson, who resigned from cabinet and caucus over what was first described as an addiction issue but was later revealed to be related to an allegation of sexual misconduct.

The NDP is demanding the government “come clean” about what has gone on, while Ford has committed to conducting a full third party investigation into all allegations. 

CTV News reached out to Sinclair for comment but has not heard back.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.