My final recommendation
One of the best ways to maintain health is to keep an active healthy and balanced IMMUNE system.  Aside from a healthy diet full of phytonutrients, lots of fresh air, exercise, and meditation, one of my favorite ways to support the immune system through supplementation is by using an extract from mushroom called AHCC or Active hexose correlated compound. AHCC is a group of chemicals taken from a specific fungus. Researchers have determined that it helps the ACTIVITY of the immune systems’ “natural killer cell” to be able to better ward of bacteria, viruses, and even cancer. Other research suggests it might also be able to protect the liver against certain poisonous chemicals and can help in the prevention of diabetes by virtue of its strong antioxidant properties. The appropriate dose of AHCC depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions.  Always consult with your health care provider before starting anything that may interfere with a health concern or possibly conflict with your current medication.  [if I can also promo this, it’s the last keynote on the matter: Another very effective way to empower your immune system is to better manage your stress levels.  I’ll be speaking for the Campus Zen project at Ryerson University this coming Tuesday March 30th covering stress and the immune system. More about that at]

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