Animal cruelty charges have been laid against a Windsor man after 155 dead cats and kittens were found in his freezer and refrigerator, the Windsor/ Essex County Humane Society says.

The man volunteered the dead cats to humane society officials Dec. 14 when they came to collect 49 live cats known to be living in the apartment in poor conditions. The organization said they issued an order to the man a day earlier to provide food, water, litter boxes, and a clean area for the cats.

The man told the officials he was keeping the cats so that he could bury them together once he had saved up enough money to buy a home.

The humane society said they believe the cats died of untreated medical conditions.

The organization is currently treating some of the surviving cats while others are being put up for adoption.

Jerry Miernecki was charged Jan. 28 with two counts under the Ontario SPCA Act, including failing to comply with an order and permitting the cats to be in distress. He is scheduled to make a court appearance on March 4.

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