Police have charged two men with more than 40 collective offences after they allegedly sold fake cellphones using Facebook Marketplace over a three-year period in the Toronto area.

A new release issued by the Toronto Police Service (TPS) on Monday said investigators believe the men have been advertising Apple iPhones for sale using the platform and would then meet potential victims.

The products only resembled iPhones, according to police – or, customers were allegedly given cellphone boxes that contained rice or sand. Investigators allege some customers were provided with fake receipts

Several of the interactions resulted in physical altercations, police said. In these cases, the victims were struck and robbed of their cash, investigators allege.

The suspects would then flee the area in a white Honda Civic, they added.

On Friday, officers with TPS’ 51 Division executed three search warrants in the Toronto area and Peel Region.

Brampton resident Jovane Martin, 25, and Mississauga resident Jeremiah Stoute, 25, were subsequently placed into custody. Together, the two accused are facing more than 40 charges, including 13 counts of fraud each.

The charges have not been tested in court.

They are scheduled to make their first appearance in court on April 22 at 10 a.m.