The mother of a small boy who along with his parents was struck with a bottle of corrosive liquid while out on a walk in Seaton Village last week says the bleach-like substance made contact with her boy’s leg.

Police said Tuesday they apprehended a cyclist who allegedly threw the bottle filled with a corrosive substance at a mom and dad pushing the stroller and walking their dog on Clinton Street just north of Bloor Street at around 4:30 p.m. on June 6.

Investigators said they were approached by a cyclist carrying an Uber Eats bag.

The mother of the baby told CTV News Toronto the cyclist appeared to be mumbling incoherently in their direction, so they began to walk away from him.

Police said that the cyclist threw the bottle of corrosive liquid at the family, causing them to sustain minor injuries.

The mother said the substance mostly struck her husband’s back and side, but some of the liquid struck her face and arm, and the child’s leg, short and shoes came into contact with the substance.

"It burned," the mother, who did not wish to be identified, said.  "I got a little bit in my eye, on my face, on my arm.  The baby got his shorts and his shoes and his leg -- his bare leg -- his leg was exposed and that got splashed."

Staff from a nearby restaurant came out with water and cloths to help them wipe the substance off.

The woman said the liquid appeared similar to bleach and it turned any clothing it came into contact with white.

Investigators say that the cyclist then fled the scene while “screaming and yelling.”

Following the assault, police released surveillance camera images of the suspect.

An arrest in the case was then made on Sunday.

Massimo Ionno, 45, of Toronto, is charged with three counts of assault with a weapon, three counts of public mischief and one count of administering a noxious substance.

He appeared at Old City Hall court Tuesday and will appear next on Wednesday.

The mom told CTV News Toronto she can’t understand why anyone would do such a thing.

"Really upset.  I can't imagine anyone would do this to a baby.  I can't imagine anyone doing this to another human being, but especially not a baby."