A 25-year-old Toronto man has been arrested in connection with a fatal shooting outside a Chinatown restaurant two weeks ago.

David Michael Eminess, 26 and Quinn Taylor, 29, were both gunned down outside the New Ho King restaurant on Spadina Avenue at around 3 a.m. on Jan. 31 after getting into some sort of altercation with another man. Two bystanders were also injured in the shooting along with a man who had been in the company of Eminess and Taylor.

The arrest of a suspect in the case comes less than 48 hours after police released a series of surveillance camera images of men they said may have information that could assist in moving the investigation forward.

“Anyone we arrest somebody that decides to pull a firearm out and shoot and strike five people that is a positive sign that the city is a safer place,” Police Chief Mark Saunders told reporters on Friday. “I am still going to ask people to be vigilant but having him under arrest does make the city safer.”

Saunders said that information from the public directly led to the identification of the suspect and his subsequent arrest.

The police chief, however, said it is vital that members of the public continue to come forward.

“I need more people to come out and talk,” he said. “Sometimes when we apprehend somebody people are more comfortable to come forward because the fear factor is diminished. I am hoping that this will comfort some people with information enough that they say ‘Now I want to participate in the process because I am less fearful for my safety.’”

Police previously said the victims had no gang ties and may have been targeted for something as benign as an “unintentional bump” or some choice words.

Asked if the suspects and victim were known to each other, Saunders refused to say, noting that a motive remains a work in progress.

Victim Quinn Taylor’s mother, Brenda MacIntyre, told CP24 that she was not told by police in advance of the arrest, and had to learn about it through a Google search Friday morning.

“I’m not impressed by that. I know they can only say certain things at certain times, so I get that but they could have at least let me know whatever the media was doing this morning, because I might have missed it otherwise.”

Saunders said Friday morning that he would look into claims that family members were not informed of the arrest before it was made public.

Kaillin MacIntyre, Taylor’s sister, said the news of the arrest gives her a degree of comfort.

“It makes us feel a lot more safe. We didn’t want to go outside . . . we don’t know everything that happened, and we just didn’t feel safe at all.”

MacIntyre called the insinuation that gang activity might have prompted her son’s death “ridiculous.”

“Everybody loves him. When we went out or when he’d drive me places or we’d just be walking somewhere, we couldn’t go anywhere without someone smiling at him or waving at him, saying ‘hey Quinn’ or whatever. Everybody loves him it makes no sense.”

Kyle Sparks-Mackinnon is charged with two counts of second-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder.

He appeared briefly in court Friday morning and is scheduled to appear again on Feb. 24 in room 111 at Old City Hall.