Someone in Toronto returned a classical record to a public library that was checked out more than 40 years ago.

On Thursday, the Toronto Public Library (TPL) shared its surprise on social media when its Spadina Road Branch saw the long-overdue record – “Dance Music from the Time of Praetorius” – was checked out on Oct. 5, 1982.

The record features classical music from German composer Michael Praetorius of the Renaissance era, who was best known for his choral hymns.

“Good thing we eliminated late fines last year,” the library wrote.

Last year, on March 31, TPL scrapped its late fines for everyone in a move to make the library more accessible for all.

In a release, the library said fines were originally introduced to encourage their customers to return what they have checked out on time.

However, TPL noted these fines have been increasingly ineffective and have instead been acting as a barrier to using the service.

When TPL announced these changes, it said it will carry out some strategies to encourage the return of borrowed materials, like shortening the timeframe of when something is considered lost and increasing due date notices.

In a breakdown of its fines and fees online, TPL considers something lost if something is overdue by more than 30 days.

Anyone who loses something they have borrowed is still on the hook and will have to pay the purchase price of the item as replacement copies will not be accepted.

Toronto Public Library was not available for an interview on Thursday with CTV News Toronto.