The Canadian Automobile Association is once again calling on drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians to speak up about the worst roads in the province.

Each year as part of its ‘Worst Roads’ campaign, CAA conducts a survey on which Ontario roads are in the worst shape and the 2019 campaign officially kicked off on Tuesday.

Last year, Eglinton Avenue West and Dufferin Street both made the list of top 10 worst roads in the province.

Elliott Silverstein, a spokesperson for CAA, told CP24 that the aim of the survey is to give members of the public a chance to tell their respective municipalities what roads need the most attention.

Silverstein said a study conducted by CAA last month found that two-thirds of people who encounter a challenging road do nothing about it.

“So that is really what this campaign is about is giving people a voice,” Silverstein said. “Whether you are a cyclist, pedestrian, a motorist, we want to hear from you in this campaign to get these roads fixed.”

He noted that cities often do take the results of the campaign into account when deciding what roads need to be repaired.

“What we’ve seen over the last number of years is a number of municipalities that either have repaired the roads pretty quickly or adjusted their capital plans to get it repaired sooner,” he said.

Ontarians can cast their ballot for the province’s worst roads on CAA’s website.