The case of a 35-year-old mom charged with impaired driving causing death in connection with a tragic incident that claimed the life of her three-year-old son near Orangeville has been put over until next year.

Investigators previously said Michelle Hanson and her toddler Kaden Young were driving southbound on 10th Line in Amaranth Township early in the morning of Feb. 21 when she allegedly failed to stop at a road closure sign.

Her minivan ended up slipping into the Grand River. As Hanson and Young tried to escape from the submerged vehicle, investigators said the boy slipped from Hanson’s arms and was subsequently swept away by the fast-moving current.

Emergency officials and volunteers spent several weeks searching for the young boy’s body but were unsuccessful. His body was later located by a fisherman on April 21.

In October, Hanson was charged in connection with the fatal incident. She faces one count of impaired driving causing death, one count of dangerous driving causing death, and one count of criminal negligence causing death.

After appearing in an Orangeville courtroom on Tuesday, Hanson’s case was put over until January 15 at 9 a.m.