A dashboard camera captured the moment when an intense collision sent a vehicle sailing through the air on Highway 7 Wednesday.

It happened this morning at around 9:15 a.m. at the intersection of a Highway 7 ramp between Yonge Street and Red Maple Road in Richmond Hill, not far from the Langstaffe GO Station and a number of big-box stores.

A camera in a vehicle waiting to turn onto Highway 7 caught the collision on video, which was then uploaded to social media.

In the video, a small red sedan attempting to turn left onto the ramp is struck on the passenger side by a white sedan travelling west on Highway 7.

The driver of the white vehicle then appears to lose control and the car crashes into the northwest curb of the intersection before becoming airborne and smashing through a pedestrian light in its flightpath as it sails through the air.

Concerned bystanders then rush from their vehicles to help the injured parties.

York Regional Police said at least three people were injured in the collision. None of the injuries are life-threatening, police said.

The crash shut down the busy highway between Yonge Street and Red Maple Road for several hours.

Police are investigating.