Mayor Rob Ford says treatment for an aggressive form of soft tissue cancer has left him without the “fire in his belly” that helped him become such an unrelenting and bombastic advocate for cost-cutting at city hall.

Ford made the comment to reporters as he arrived at his office on Friday to preside over the sale of another batch of bobble heads bearing his likeness. The so-called "Robbie Bobbies" are being sold for $30 each with proceeds going to the Humber River Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital, the healthcare facilities helping him with his treatment.

“I haven’t got my fire in my belly (anymore). I have to get that back, I want to get it back” Ford said. “They say it is going to come back but it is going to take a while.”

Ford was diagnosed with liposarcoma in September and has since undergone three rounds of chemotherapy with a fourth expected to begin on Monday.

Speaking with reporters at city hall, Ford admitted that he is not himself but he said he is still returning phone calls and taking care of constituents as he wraps up his time in the mayor’s chair and gets ready to be sworn in as a councillor for Ward 2, Etobicoke North on Dec. 2.

“I am just going out and doing my job and then I’ll be moving to the other side (council) where I’ll be watching every dime that goes into this place and comes out,” he said. “I’ll be keeping an eye on John (Tory) just like I did with David (Miller).”

Ford knocks deputy mayor for taxpayer-funded trip

Though Ford has been relatively scarce at city hall in recent months due to his weakened condition and immune system, he said he has been staying on top of city business and was upset when he heard about a $3,000 taxpayer-funded trip Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly took to London this week to attend the World Council on City Data (WCCD) conference.

During the trip, Kelly accepted an award on behalf of the city for its compliance with a new international standard for sustainable cities.

“That’s ridiculous going on trips fully loaded before going on to the next move,” Ford said of Kelly. “I’ll try to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”

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