Some GO Transit customers who packed an umbrella this morning were even better prepared for their day than they thought.

That’s because customers on one train on the Milton line continued to be hampered by falling water, even after boarding the train.

Videos shared to social media showed water pouring from the ceiling above on one coach as customers scramble, some opening their umbrellas inside the vehicle to try and stay dry.

According to Metrolinx, the leak was first discovered by passengers riding the train this morning.

“We don’t know the source of the leak and we didn’t want to replace the train because we didn’t have a replacement for it,” Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins told “It would have meant cancelling the train from this morning.”

Crews investigated and weren’t able to determine the source of the water. However the problem sprang up again in the afternoon.

“They could not identify where the water was coming from and then we had a downpour which added to the water,” Aikins said.

Aikins said GO Transit didn’t want to take the train with the leaky coach out of service because it would have meant cancelling a trip.

“We’re going to let it run in service so that it doesn’t impact service other than getting customers a bit soggy, for which we do apologize.”  

However she said the transit agency is working to fix the problem.

“We’ll get to the source of it. We’ve alerted Bombardier crews – of course they supply our trains – to determine the source of the leak and fix it,” she said.

While some of bi-level GO trains have washrooms upstairs, Aikins said the water did not appear to be coming from a washroom and speculated that it could be rainwater that was pooling up and not draining off properly.

“Clearly that’s not appropriate drainage,” she said.