WATERLOO, Ont. -- The Green party is calling for stronger digital privacy protections, including banning personalized online advertising in elections.

Party leader Elizabeth May was in the tech-hub community of Waterloo today to highlight the Greens' pledges on protecting privacy.

The Greens say they would prohibit warrantless intrusions on Canadians' communications, ban cyber-surveillance programs that use bulk data collection, and significantly increase the powers of the federal privacy commissioner.

The party would require companies to respect the "right to be forgotten," the principle that people should be able to control whether information from their pasts remains online.

May says the Greens endorse recommendations from Centre for Digital Rights founder Jim Balsillie, including legislating stronger privacy protections and providing effective whistleblower protections for those who expose abuses of data.

The Greens are calling for a parliamentary inquiry into modernizing Canada's privacy laws.