Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apparently had some steam to blow off after a meeting with newly-minted Ontario Premier Doug Ford in Toronto, to discuss some contentious issues.

The two met at Queen’s Park Thursday afternoon to discuss a variety of topics, just as the new premier announced he would cease cooperation with the federal government on providing support for asylum seekers.

Trudeau spoke to media after the meeting, saying the premier was “very receptive” to his message of collaboration.

In a tweet, Ford described the meeting as “productive.”

Cameras later spotted Trudeau jogging at Cherry Beach in nothing but a hat and black shorts. While he was followed by several members of what appeared to be a security detail, passersby were apparently oblivious to the VIP jogger nearby.

It’s not uncommon for Trudeau to be spotted out for a jog, though he usually runs with slightly more attire.

He has, however, been seen shirtless in public before. He infamously photobombed a bride who was walking down the aisle, while surfing on a beach in Tofino, B.C., in August 2016.

Trudeau’s run inToronto comes on the tail-end of a heat wave that saw a humidex of 36 Thursday, and just aftera severe thunderstorm watch was issuedfor the city. It should be noted that he was followed closelyby a convoy of black SUVs that could have provided shelter in case of a storm.

Trudeau is set to meet Friday with Mayor John  Tory, who has been petitioning higher levels of government for help with housing asylum seekers in the city’s over-burdened shelter system.