Doug Ford may seem a little abrasive when he is out on the campaign trail or debating issues at city hall, but he is really “very soft” when he returns home at the end of the day, his wife told CP24 in a sit-down interview Thursday afternoon.

During a wide-ranging discussion with host Stephen LeDrew, Karla Ford said that Doug’s busy work schedule and easy-going nature forced her to play the role of disciplinarian with their daughters as they grew up while Doug was the fun one who rarely said no to his “four angels.”

“Because Doug travelled a lot I was the one that was there constantly. Doug was there; don’t get me wrong. He was just gone a few days a week and was there on the weekend when we did all the fun stuff together and had great times with the girls. But throughout the week it was me showing them right from wrong, teaching them, telling them no and being the bad one,” Karla Ford said.

Doug met Karla at a garden party hosted at his parent’s house 28 years ago and on Thursday he told CP24 that he was “200 pounds of dancing dynamite” and “had to beat her off.”

Karla, however, told a different version of the story.

“I wasn’t exercising that day. I wasn’t running around the pool,” she said.

As for their life together, Karla revealed a few interesting tidbits about her husband, including the fact that he is an art lover, a history buff and a big drinker of chocolate milk.

“Milk is good for you and he really doesn’t drink coffee. It is better than a chocolate bar,” she said.

Karla clarifies background

Karla Ford recently came into the limelight after Doug claimed that she was Jewish after facing criticism over an anti-Semitic slur allegedly made by his mayor brother.

Doubts were then cast upon that claim, prompting Doug to clarify that Karla has “Jewish heritage.”

Discussing the saga with CP24 Thursday, Karla said she “has a little bit of this and a little bit of that” and does have Jewish relatives on her mother’s side.

Karla Ford then went on to lash out at those who have accused her husband of harbouring biases.

“It is upsetting when people call him homophobic, racist and then he is anti-Semitic,” she said. “That is kind of sickening, that is a low blow. Why do they keep focusing on things about Doug that don’t even exist? It is hard.”

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