A 41-year-old man was not injured when he opened up a Twix bar he bought at a Dollarama in the Stockyards District over the weekend and found a razor blade lodged inside it.

Toronto police say that on Saturday, the man went into a Dollarama at 30 Weston Road and bought a package of mini Twix chocolate bars.

He brought the chocolate bars home and started to open them when he spotted a razor blade inside one of the mini bars.

The man was not injured.

Police released images of the candy bars and the blade on Tuesday.

Dollarama spokesperson Lyla Radmanovich said the company is investigating the discovery.

"Per usual protocol, we immediately notified our supplier (Mars) and began an internal investigation. We continue to cooperate with the authorities," she told CP24. "Based on the information available to date, no actions have been taken regarding the product, but the investigation is ongoing."

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 12 Division.